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"Hartford Central School, a community of educators, students, parents, and friends,

dedicates itself to developing citizens who are productive and compassionate, and who,

through their creativity and responsibility, will be assets to the greater community."

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Fall 2016 Newsletter

2016-2017 Second Quarter Honor Roll 

Hartford middle school students (grades 6-8) were recognized for meeting the “Strive for Five” challenge.

Strive for Five is program that provides positive reinforcement for academic success each quarter of the school-year. There are five qualifications the students must meet, that include maintaining and raising grades, as well as behavioral guidelines and expectations. Every student who meets at least one of the qualifications is eligible to attend an activity night organized by the middle school teachers. Student meeting four or more qualifications are invited to select a prize, which range from basketballs and volleyballs, board games, gift baskets, and more.

Several students met at least one qualification, and the students hit the “Strive for Five” goal of meeting at least four of the five qualifications:

Sophia Anderson, Emmaline Barker, Samantha Cooper, Mason Forbes, Kailey Gayton, Envy Geroux, Kaylin Holcomb, Tarina Hunt, Soleia Lamoureux, Hannah Lawrence, Timothy Livingston, Hannah Mitchell, Abigail Monroe, Karlee Nims, Justin Nix, Reid Robbins, Secora Saunders, Dagan Schult, Alexis Sesselman, Rikard Spivak, Emma Wade, and Jason Wade.

The prizes are purchased through funds from Box Top, as well as contributions from the middle school government, and teachers. Retiree, Mrs. Whitney, who worked for the district for 32 years has been consistently donating gift baskets.  

The file “Strive for Five” lists the qualifications and other details.